Finding Elim
Created by Dave Nelson
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About Elim

Elim, Illinois is Midwestern town much like any other. Big enough for a Walmart, not big enough for an Apple store. St. John's, the Presbyterian church has your typical mix of parishioners: the occasional, the over-zealous, the mischevous, the shy and many others. The church is led by Pastor Bob who has been serving the same congregation for most of his carreer. The new Associate Pastor, Steve, is full of fresh ideas and has a lot to learn about serving a congregation, most of whom have been attending St. John's since before he was born.

Pastor Bob has seen it all and heard it all, yet still manages to be surprised by his teenage Granddaughter, Zoe who has been living with he and Marge, his wife, since she was little. While Bob may be painfully unaware of some of the newest trends and technologies, his years of wisdom and calm demeanor can be counted on to keep his family and his flock on the straight and narrow (usually).

While this is an entirely fictitious comic, many of the names do give a nod to real people and places. Most notibly, the two churches I've attended were Elim Covenant in Moline, IL and St. John's Presbyterian in Houston, TX. References to people I've known might be apparent to those who know me, but should not be taken too seriously since the characters are of my own invention.

I've always been a fan of comics, and for the last few years, I've been amusing myself with the creation of an online comic journal called Suburbatory. I've been very active at the "real" St. John's for many years, so this subject matter seemed one that I could easily write about.

I hope you enjoy this comic, feel free to email your comments to me using my handy form. You can also use any of these comics in your organization's newsletter or website, please first visit "Friends of Bob" for the rules of use.

Keep smiling!