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Here you'll find the type of clean, comics here that I felt were lacking on the internet. No swears, no violence, just stuff you'll feel good about. New comics posted weekly, so check back often.

If your organization has newsletters or websites, check out the print resolution versions that you can use FREE (with a few restrictions).

Feel free to Contact Me with your comments. -dave


August: Hooray! Finding Elim is available on Amazon! Do me a solid and go buy the book for each of your friends!

March 27th: Don't miss the upcoming Comicpalooza in Houston on the 26th, 27th and 28th! This will be the biggest comic show that I've seen in Houston, and I will be in the Artist's Alley on Saturday signing books. Stop by!

May 15th: If you are in Houston and looking for something to do, stop by the ZineFest after 2pm. on Saturday May 16th. I'll be there selling books, stickers, shirts, games, and of course, mini comics. It looks like it will be quite the bash!

November 3rd: I've been sitting on Finding Elim for a while. I haven't had the growth in readership that I was hoping for, so I'm working on other projects for the time being. If you have any needs for comics at your organization, or you've just thought of a good idea for a comic, just let me know. Meanwhile, in case you didn't already know, I have other comics for you here. Thanks for reading!

August 7th: Last weekend I added 4 new comics, all related to the mission trip I took recently. I should have a couple more this weekend.

I have a couple Mini Comic Collections available for those that are intersted. They are printed in black and white, and are 32 pages. They are $2.50 each which includes shipping in the US. If you want them signed, let me know. All the comics in the minis are on this website, so while you won't see anything new, they would make a great gift. Drop me a line, and I can give you more details. As always, thanks for reading!

July 15: Finding Elim keeps plugging along, though sometimes less frequent than I'd like. Life has been extremely busy despite (or perhaps because of) the Summer. Next week our youth group goes on a mission trip to Mexico, and when I get back, my schedule will get back to normal. If you are in the Houston area, come by to the U-con. It's one of the best bargins in comic and gaming conventions, and I'll be there doing whatever guests do. Also, in you live in North Carolina, you might see Finding Elim in the Higher Ground newspaper. It's also appeared in the Christian Path newspaper and other newsletters at churches new you! If your church wants to feature the comic, go for it! Just let me know so I can post your organization on my links page.

May 25: Ah, Memorial Day weekend! One of my favorite holidays because there's such a vacation drought from the Christmas/New Year's breaks till now. We celebrated with Indiana Jones IV, and we weren't dissapointed. Like most action movies, if you are looking for a great plot, and great acting, you might pass, but if you want all the daring, outrageous stunts that Indy is known for, don't miss it! Also, I sent another Newsletter out on Friday. If you are an occational reader, and would like a monthly email with a handfull of my favorite strips, drop me a line.

May 11: Today is Mother's Day, so to all the moms, have a great day. This comic was made with my mom in mind – for some reason, making my bed was always a challenge. I just recently passed 100 comics, a big personal goal. Thanks to all the readers!

March 30: Easter has come and gone. Summer is coming and while I still have to work every day, some of my other commitments slow down, so it'll be a nice break. I got another request for usage, this time from a Christian site in Germany — who'd a thunk it? When it starts, I'll make a note here, because they will be translating the comics as they use them.

March 23: This week I just started posting Finding Elim on a site called Comic Sherpa. It is part of a bigger comic site that represents tons of familiar comics and therefore has tons of readers. Readers of that site will be catching up with my old strips day by day as I upload archived strips. One cool feature is an email service that automatically sends people the latests strips as they become available. Even if you are up to date with Finding Elim, you might be interested in some of their other strips like B.C., Garfield and Fox Trot.

March 15: I missed updating last weekend, because I was at Camp Cho-Yea with the youth from our church. It was a little cold at night, but the days were sunny, so over all a good trip. If you have camp experiences to share, get 'em to me this week!

February 17: Ah, the beauty of the internet! Through Facebook and MySpace I found a guy that I was friends with in grade school. We exchanged a few emails and you know what? He still seems like the same great guy I knew all those years ago. He's living in LA now, and when I get out there, I'm definately going to look him up. The social networking sites are great for me since I don't tend to write letters and therefore don't get any in return. But beware! Your kids probably have a MySpace account, and their friends can leave any kind of message they want, so don't go too hard on them when you finally make it to their page. And if you're a grandparent, you're probably better off not knowing ...

February 9: Finding Elim is popping up in newsletters and might even be in a magazine in Pakistan of all places. Thanks to Rachel and Jeff for some recent inspiration. Your family rocks!

January 26: Nothing new to say, but 3 new comics for you!

January 21: This weekend was a whirlwind of activity, including one of the best lock-ins I've ever attended as an adult. Ashley's itinerary kept everyone so busy that there wasn't time to get bored or even very sleepy. I stayed up for 39 hours, with an hour nap in the morning, so needless to say, I slept well Saturday night!

January 12: I had a busy week in comics-land. Finding Elim is now listed on a few more websites, and I've added 4 comics to the site. Enjoy!

December 29: 3 more comics bring me to 58 strips for 2007. That's not a lot for most cartoonists, but I've got a day job and VERY demanding wife ;)
Actually, I'd like to double that in 2008 as long as the interest persists.
Happy New Year everyone!

December 21: Merry Christmas to everyone! If you don't celebrate Christmas, I'm so glad you're here and I hope you have a great holiday! More comics in January, so stay tuned!

December 9: Closer and closer... Christmas is looming and I still haven't bought any presents. I know it'll be another Amazon shopping spree this week. Too bad I can't order live trees on line, I'd be all set! Be looking for the December newsletter, it'll go out this week.

December 1: Another three new comics! In my opinion, it is now officially ok to play Christmas music and put up the decorations. I can only handle the same jingles and spangles for about a month before I start to get a little queasy. If you are one of the Christmas-all-year-types, please don't hate me!

Nov. 24: Three new comics this week. I probably could have done more considering the 4 day weekend - Yay pilgrims! If you have any funny Christmas or New Years stories, now's the time to get them in!

Nov. 17: This Christmas I'm working with Rev. Bob Gray from PA to make some panels that he can use as sermon illustrations. They aren't literal, but just a little humor inspired by the topic. It's a little bit of a challenge, but then the writing is always the hardest part of comics. It's actually pretty fun when the a-ha moment comes. Let's hope Bob's congregation gets it too...

Nov. 9: Thanks to everyone for your emails this week. I appreciate the encouragement! Thanks especially to Ann for your inspiration. I'm always happy to hear new stories.

Nov. 2: I think I'm back on schedule now with 2 new comics. Have you used Finding Elim in your newsletter yet? If so, let me know so I can list your organization in my friends section!

Oct. 28th: New comic today - finally. I went on a great vacation to CA and came back to a desk full of stuff to do, so now I'm playing catch-up. Once this week is over, things should be back to normal.

Oct. 6th: Today I fixed a lamp that has been broken for about 10 years only because my wife threatened to go buy a new one. It took about 15 minutes. Did I mention that I like to procrastinate?

Sep. 29th: Bob's desire to connect with the teens in his church didn't go so well ... Oh well, bones heal a lot faster in cartoon-land!

Sep. 23rd: Check it out! I just added a forward-to-a-friend option to the comic pages, so now if a comic reminds you of someone, you can send it in a cool email. Try sending one to yourself, it's cool!

Thanks to everyone who gave me good comments and asked to be on the mailing list. I think I'll send out a monthly email with that month's comics and any news that anyone might care to hear. I do plan on adding a list of churches that are using the comics, so if you use Finding Elim in your newsletter, let me know so I can be sure to include you on the roll.

Sep. 11th: I've started the laborious task of emailing whatever publications and churches I can find on the web. If you are here because of my email, welcome! Please know that I probably won't be sending you another email unless you ask to be on my mailing list. I certainly don't want to annoy anyone!

Sep. 7th: Whew, the site is officially live with it's own URL, contact page, donation button and, of course, a few comics. This weekend I'll start adding comics and linking up with the comic collections.

Sep. 5th: Work on this site is going slow. I keep thinking I'm going to learn enough programming to automate the "more comics" pages. I know it would be much better in the long run, but meanwhile comics keep piling up with nowhere to put them. Hopefully, the content will overshadow the ho-hum web layout!