An infrequent comic about a frustrated artist living in the middle class monotony of modern life. Dave is married and works in the art department of a Houston newspaper. His inadequacies extend to his work with the church youth group, and his attempts to keep this comic on life support.

Phil's Big Day

A mini comic produced for Ground Hog Day, 2007. Available in print for those who ask. Just drop me a line.

Her Name was Christine

A very short comic about a boy falling in love. Created for an anthology titled "Crush".

A comic an hour

The idea of the BFF. Artists sketching one comic for every hour they are awake. Since I was at work, most of the inking was done at lunch and after work.

Love Hurts

My first mini comic about a shy guy who gets a little help impressing the girl. No suitors were harmed in the drawing of this comic.
Available in print.

Finding Elim

My most recent endeavour. An ongoing single-panel comic that I hope will appeal to churches and those looking for "G-rated" comics without all the sugar coating.

A comic an hour, 2008

My second year's attempt at one comic every hour. Find out more about the concept here. Many other comics are posted here.