Finding Elim

Finding Elim was a comic that I pursued in the late 2000's. It ran online and had a decent following. in 2010 Lamp Post Publishing picked it up and sold dozens of copies at comic shows and online. It remains on Amazon's top 32,000 list and has a 5/5 rating thanks to my sister. It was a great exercise in writing and illustration and taught me a lot about the industry. I hope you enjoy reading these select comics as much as I enjoyed creating them.


My favorite comedy is that which pokes fun at the person or institution that delivers it. Finding Elim has a lot of that. Christians, of which I am one, take ourselves too seriously and can even become self righteous if we're not careful. It's easy to label sinners, especially if their "sins" are not something that is part of our personal experience. WWJD? Love his fellow man so much that He would give His very life. He asked nothing less from us. 

"No man comes to the Father except through me" means that He will judge - not me or you or the Pope. So, let's get back to feeding the poor and tending the sick.


Politics, ugh. It's my opinion that Jesus wouldn't have voted. Not because it's pointless but because He would be too busy taking care of His neighbor. If each of us spent as much energy doing something for the people in our immediate circle as we do writing memes about how terrible the candidates are, we would all be way better off. 

the "but" of the joke

One of the things I learned from writing panel comics is that it's tempting to lead the punchline with a "but". It's a device to deliver the ol' setup and delivery and can be a crutch to a so-so image. As a sketcher, I often drew what I thought was a decent image and then struggled with the caption. Then I started crafting the joke first and then drawing the comic around it. My later comics benefitted from less words, better images and just funnier jokes. 

timmy the menace

I like using Timmy to illustrate our human nature. For all we know, he may be an atheist. And that's OK because he personifies our worldly side. Like Denis the Menace, he can be a real stinker and, mostly, get away with it because he's just a kid. If you are familiar with Denis the Menace but haven't read any of the early comics, you're missing out. Hank Ketcham's work was mastery. 

This comic is one of those that I felt was a gimmie pulled from Sunday School lessons gone by.  

phoning it in

While I didn't steal this joke from anyone directly, I have no doubt it was done before this ran in 2008. It's ironic how social media is "connecting" us with an unlimited supply of "friends" but we are, at the same time, becoming more isolated and alone than ever. In some cases, we know more about what online personalities are thinking than we do our own family. A psychiatrist I know tells me this is an opportunity for churches to become relevant again - making real human connections that matter.

Happy new year!

As I type this, I'm sitting on my couch enjoying the 1/1/2024 holiday. I do the resolution thing every year. I think it's healthy to self-evaluate once in a while. I try to make little adjustments rather than big goals. Less screen-time, more creativity, more personal relationships are on my list. Check in with me in March and I'll let let you know how it's all working out.

For those of you with more serious resolutions, like trying to kick an addiction or make a big life-change, I truly wish you all the best and encourage you to find support in a partner or group that understands. 

More to come ...

Hopefully, I'll add more comics to this list. There are a couple hundred in the archive, so check back later!